Joanes Foundation

Housing as a basic need

The own living space offers protection and is the basis for self-development. This makes it an essential part of a self-determinated lifestyle. The promotion of affordable housing is a condition for free and equal self-development for the present and future generations and one of the main foundations´ focus.

We believe that the place of residence obtains its real value through heterogeneity: urban centers should be open to all social classes.

Equal housing

With the creation of affordable living spaces -in property or rent- the foundation intends to offer the possibility for equal and democratic participation in the organization and the design of living areas.
The quality of housing is influenced by social and ecological factors. We want to create a ecosystem which upholds the balance between society, nature and technique and takes in account the requirements of the energy revolution, the protection of the environment, the demographic changes, digitalization and a different lifestyle of the urban population.

A planning which respects the human dimension and the environmental conditions offers the chance to influence the future positively today.

Balance of interests

Dialogue is a vital condition for the balance of interests of all actors and the generation of living spaces for all. Starting from here the foundation elaborates prerequisites for a productive exchange between representatives from politics, economy, science and residents, and supports actively the cooperation with Science and Research.

We continuously develop, collect, process and manage structural, technical, architectural and planning-related knowledge and complete it with suggestions from the national and international urban discourse.

The Foundations´s bodies

“The constituent organs of the foundation are the Executive Board, the Foundation Board and the Board of Trustees


The Executive Board represents the foundation and implements the foundation goals. Besides, the Board manages a network of experts, stakeholders, research institutions and other foundations.


The Foundation Board counsels the Executive Board.


The Board of Trustees is the supervisory body of the foundation. This board controls the fulfillment of the foundation charter and represents the foundation in public“