The Joanes foundation is actively engaged in the fields of ’Affordable housing’, ’Sustainable and integrative district development’ and ’Dialogue and Information’.

Expert advice and project support

At a time of new challenges in urban and real estate development, innovative action patterns are necessary. Our foundation develops a projects program, creates new cooperation formats in order to generate innovative solutions, increase efficiency in the planning process and enhance the attractiveness of financing. These activities are considered under the premise of generating solutions that are neither discriminating nor exclusive. By participating in the project and construction concept development, innovative mechanisms can be introduced into the planning from the beginning and the involved stakeholders’ can be involved in a balance of interests.

Looking outside the box holds astonishing potential, which has a dampening effect on prices but also brings about long-term alliances, sustainable urban structures and cross-sector positive effects. But above all there is the mission to create living spaces that everyone experiences as a place worth living.

So that this claim can be realized, we see it as our duty, beyond the initiation of the project, to accompany the process after the initiation and to generate transferable solutions through the professional evaluation and preparation of the project results.

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Research participation and knowledge management

With the conviction that innovations require the technical input of science and industrial research, we would like to support the interface between research and application by cooperating with universities and research institutions and by promoting student involvement. The aim is to open up interdisciplinary approaches that combine a technical and structural perspective with social science and humanities expertise.

We are committed to support this professional exchange and to collect the knowledge being gained, to process it and incorporate it into specific projects.

Dialogue and Public Relations

The necessary process of change towards sustainable and socially acceptable housing can only be guided by a definition of objectives to which all stakeholders are committed. At present, various individual demands dominate, some of which are mutually exclusive and, in many cases, block the development process. We would like to counter this situation by letting the stakeholders enter into dialogue with each other in order to jointly produce solutions that will have a positive effect on all participants in the long term.

For this purpose, subject-specific events and discussion formats are created in order to work on solutions in a focused and cooperative manner.