The Joanes Foundation pushes the continuous discussion of topics in the areas of planning practice, urban society, resources and environment on a local, national and international level as well as the exchange and cooperation of politics, civil society, science and economy.

From the acquired interdisciplinary knowledge we generate ideas and design programs that flow into concrete urban-construction projects. We document and analyze scientifically all gained project experiences to relaunch them into the discourse.

Topics at a glance

  • Architecture
  • Participation procedures
  • Material usage
  • Lifecycle assessment
  • Financing
  • Construction law
  • Planning
  • Integrated project development and implementation
  • User-oriented, sustainable technologies and systems
  • Urban participation
  • Art and Culture
  • Demographic change
  • Digitalization
  • Education – Science
  • Migration & Integration
  • Mobility
  • Social Balance
  • Energy and resource efficiency
  • Renewable energies
  • Alternative mobility forms
  • Space planning
  • Green and blue infrastructures
  • Ecological building

We generate ideas and inform projects

The foundation supports concrete project development - for individual buildings or urban districts.

In a moment of new challenges in the urban and real estate development innovative thinking and action patterns are necessary.
Through cooperation in the development of the project from the beginning we introduce innovative mechanisms and formats into the planning. As a result planning process efficiency and the financing attractiveness rise in consideration of the interests of all implicated actors.

As a foundation we see ourselves bound to ensure these high demands not only in the project initiation but also after finishing the project: our user-attuned evaluation and the processing of results help to create transferable solutions.Thinking outside of the box reveals astonishing potentials which imply long term alliances, sustainable urban structures, and cost efficient, sector-overarching benefits. Yet above all the mission is to create worthwhile living spaces.

Knowledge Management: Participation in research and generating know-how

The foundation supports and claims the local and international research landscapes.

We are convinced that innovation requires scientific input and industrial research. We collaborate with universities and research institutions to tend the interface between research and implementation: Our sector-overarching perspective links technical-constructive perspective with social and humanities competences. Furthermore research findings from other sectors as mobility, energy infrastructure, data management and the fields of law and politics are valuable resources.

According to local circumstances creative ways to materialize affordable living spaces have been found in the national and international context. We scientifically scrutinize these best practices examples to prepare them for further applications. Besides, the foundation supports actively the exchange, the know-how collection and processing for utilization in concrete projects.

Information Transfer: Expert dialogue and public relations

The foundation is an information platform and provides know-how

The change process towards a sustainable and socially acceptable housing construction is based on a clear goal definition to which all involved parties are committed to. Currently the construction landscape is dominated by several individual pretensions that exclude mutually and block the development process.
Our perspective goes beyond the direct and fast calculable benefits: We resolve these circumstances organizing the dialogue between stakeholders and generate positive long- term solutions for all.

The foundation offers the space for this creative debate and organizes thematic workshops, special events and other dialogue formats to work out concrete and cooperative solutions. The foundation gets deeper into the local, national and international discourse to fill out its core role in the professional exchange.

The collected knowledge will be provided to the general public.