The Joanes foundation is actively engaged in the fields of ’Affordable housing’, ’Sustainable and integrative district development’ and ’Dialogue and Information’.

Creating affordable living spaces

The foundation supports the creation of affordable apartments. This purpose should be full-filled through innovative cooperation and financing options and construction processes away from conventional procedures. That offers the possibility of participation in the urban development process to a broad and heterogeneous sector of the population.

The democratization of the ownership structures lead to a higher stability for new owners towards market fluctuations and the relief of the tenant´s market. Finally, the acquisition of ownership means above all securing livelihood.

Sustainable and integrative district development

A single property cannot be conceived, planned or operated independently from its social, ecological and economical context. Thus the Foundation pays particular attention to an efficient, user-oriented and cost-optimized planning culture within the district development.

Here we strive to the application of innovative cooperation procedures and planning tools for the realization of sustainable, integrated and sector–overarching neighborhood concepts: requirement-specific use of technologies, innovative material components and constructions methods.

Dialogue and Information

Research and implementation success regarding cost efficient and sustainable construction often run parallel and isolated. The foundation bundles outcomes and develops joint dialogue formats in order to enable sector-overarching exchange. To exploit the high catch–up potential of the scientific and social debate regarding affordable housing we accelerate the exchange between relevant actors and the public.

Besides, the foundation gathers best-practice examples from the city life for their integration in future constructions.
Through cooperation with national an international partners from science and economy the foundation suggests interdisciplinary research activities and the development of application-oriented technologies.