16. September 2019

„Joanes Preis” for social urban design

How can an inner city location promote social community building? The Joanes Foundation and the degewo housing association are looking for answers with the “Joanes Preis”, which is being offered for the first time. They are looking for creative concepts for the design of the new emerging “Ackerplatz” in Berlin-Wedding.

The area around Ackerstraße in Brunnenviertel/Wedding is to become the lively centre of the city quarter  as “Ackerplatz”. The aim of the prize, which comes with a generous endowment of 15,000 euros , is to promote creative citizens and to enhance social living and community spaces in existing city districts.

From 16 September to 11 November 2019, interested artists, (landscape) architects and other persons as well as initiatives who would like to participate as social “urban designers” can submit their ideas/creations.

To participate, simply write an e-mail to following e-mail address: wettbewerb@joanes-stiftung.de and we will send you a link to all documents needed. Please notice that the competition language is German!

After evaluation by our jury of experts and a public exhibition, the winning concept will be implemented in March 2020. Initially, a temporary pilot project of three months is planned, which will provide the basis for a participatory process with the residents of the Brunnenviertel.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-16 um 15.58.51