14. July 2017

Housing Alliance

Within the Housing Alliance (Allianz für Wohnsicherheit) the Joanes Foundation creates and performs processes to assure housing for tresholds. In order to work out concrete actions and procedures for the realization of construction projectes an exchange platform has been set up.

Assured housing means to carry out predictable and longterm financial measures in the field of housing. In particular, our support focuses on those with low income, the so called tresholds.

People should be enabled to live in a familiar and social mixed up neigborhood over the long term. Sustainable and stable financial framework conditions shall help these persons to provide for a safe and good retiremen and live free from concerns about displacement.

The partners of the Housing Aliance consider themselves as an active community of fundamental values and interests. They recognize the immediate need for action to create housing projects and framework conditions which provide social protection and make a significant contribution to pension schemes.

The partners implement these aims through:

  • Support in all phases of contruction projects: initiation, planning and preparation
  • Contribution with finance, time and knowledege
  • Knowledge collection and Knowledge sharing, active support to science

With like-minded partners and within the Housing Allicance the Joanes Foundation wants to put into practice social projects and contribute to the public welfare.

You’ re interested in cooperation? Please contact us:

office@joanes-stiftung.de or +49 (0)30 322 950 900

Thank you for your support!