17. February 2017

The urban environment as an educational landscape

German Foundation Conference, 17 -19th May

Education is defined as the continuous process of development which allows a person to form his personality, his ability to make decisions and to act responsibly. In this regard, education also includes those processes that happen unplanned or unconsciously in our all day life – either in family and neighbourhood or at work and in leisure time. These in turn affect the further integration of the individual in formal education structures which constitute the basis for social equity and participation.

So, the living space as a social, municipal and geographical fundament has an immediate influence of the future of each individual and consequently the society as a whole.

Social and cultural activities as those regarding environment protection can promote integration and reduce social division contributing positively, sustainably and responsibly to the demographic change.

As such, education plays a major role in the creation of new living spaces in urban districts. One of the Joanes´ Foundations concerns is to include education as a democratizing factor in the planning and development of new urban areas. This way we will be able to generate sustainable, stable and socially balanced urban districts.

At the German Foundation Conference -celebrated in Osnabrück from 17th tp 19th of May- foundations from different fields will discuss the multiform education landscape.

At this year´s event local foundations presented their field work on-site. The practical relevance enabled the immediate communication between target groups and project doers  to think  needs-based solutions for the urban districts together.