17. January 2017

Smart City-Charta for Germany

The digital shift has already started and its impact in the development of cities and municipalities will continue. The digitalization of processes and structures opens new perspectives and development opportunities in the urban and regional context and can make a positive contribution to the transformation of our living spaces.

Against this background of constant change the subject of sustainability becomes more and more important.

The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) initiated the workgroup “Smart cities and sustainable development” in which representatives from municipalities, economics and sciences cooperate to define guidelines for a sustainable urban development with the focus on digitalization. Prof. Dr. Hertzsch, CEO of the Joanes Foundation also participates in this expert group whose recommendations will outline the conditions and requirements for a successful digitalisation- including the municipalities and Public Administration. The publication of the propositions is planned for this year.

Furthermore, it will be addressed how digital exchange can be promoted to implement needs-based solutions for the benefit of all people.